Alaska Salmon

Alaska Salmon

A staple of the neighborhood but with no online store, my goal was to bring Alaska Salmon into the 21st century by designing an easily navigable and modern eCommerce website. Alaska Salmon is a fish counter located inside Town & Country, a market specializing in seafood & plants / flowers. Established in 1989, the Alaska Salmon Companies mission was to import fresh seafood to the land-locked Rockies of Colorado.


Alaska Salmon had no online web presence. My challenge was to find out what features of an ecommerce store are most important to the user. Then present a user research driven UI. 

Research methods

Looking at other boats

For Comparative Analysis I reviewed 3 local competitors to see what they offered on their sites.

The competitive analysis findings highlight two key areas for specialty seafood stores to focus on in order to effectively compete with regular grocery stores. These areas include offering pickup and delivery services and providing recipes and cooking tips.

  1. Pickup and Delivery Services: Regular grocery stores often provide convenience to customers through their pickup and delivery options. To compete in this aspect, we should consider implementing similar services. By offering pickup and delivery, we can cater to customers who prefer the convenience of online shopping or who may not have the time or means to visit the physical store. Efficient pickup and delivery systems provide a competitive advantage for specialty seafood stores, ensuring easy access to their products while maintaining convenience for customers.

  1. Recipes and Cooking Tips: One of the advantages of specialty seafood stores is their expertise and knowledge of seafood products. To attract and engage customers, it is important for these stores to provide recipes and cooking tips. These resources can be helpful for both novice cooks who are new to preparing seafood and experienced individuals who want to expand their seafood cooking abilities. By sharing recipes that showcase the unique flavors and qualities of their seafood offerings, specialty seafood stores can inspire customers to try new dishes and experiment with different cooking techniques. This approach not only enhances the customer experience but also positions the store as a trusted source of culinary expertise.

Overall, the competitive analysis findings suggest that specialty seafood stores can gain a competitive edge by embracing technology to offer pickup and delivery services. Additionally, providing recipes and cooking tips can create a unique and inviting shopping experience for customers, particularly those seeking to explore new seafood options and enhance their culinary skills. By combining convenience and education, specialty seafood stores can carve out a niche market and maintain their relevance in the face of competition from regular grocery stores.

In person

I visited the store to see if there was a need to recreate any of the in-person experience virtually to capture the character of the shop.


The store had a friendly, modest feel to it that I wanted to represent with a bright, minimal color palette.  Simple page layouts.


User Interviews 

Preparing the boat

Going into the interviews I wanted to know the motivations of a seafood buyer

Who - Who is the seafood connoisseur?

Why - Why are they drawn to buying seafood?

What - What are the deciding factors of purchasing seafood?

How - How can people get the same experience of going to a seafood counter in person?

Casting the first net

I had initially set my interviewee criteria to be specifically seafood buyers who had previously shopped at Alaska Salmon. This proved to be a difficult task given my time constraints. 

The second net

After reeling it in I ended up adjusting the scope to a broader audience of seafood lovers and connoisseurs. After casting a wider net I ended up with 7 interviews.

Key takeaways

“I like to see images that accurately represent the product”

  1. Providing high-quality, detailed, and accurate images can enhance the overall shopping experience and build trust with customers.

“I need more info on fish I’m buying”

  1. Providing comprehensive and reliable information about the fish being sold can help customers make informed decisions and address their concerns regarding the product.

“I like to see filters online shopping”

  1. Filters play a crucial role in helping customers narrow down their options based on specific criteria. By offering a robust filtering system, we can assist customers in finding products that align with their preferences quickly, ultimately improving the overall user experience.

“I try to get the cheapest food when shopping”

  1. Clearly communicating any cost-saving opportunities may appeal to the thrifty shopper.

“I don't know how to keep seafood”

  1. Providing educational resources, such as guidelines on seafood storage and preparation, can empower customers and enhance their confidence in purchasing and consuming seafood products. 

Meet the catch


Alaska Salmon offers a website specializing in fresh seafood. With great delivery or pickup service, easy to browse, picture perfect representation, educating tips and filterable deals, Alaska Salmon offers a great service for the online shopper and fish guru.

HiFi Prototype

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